My process: card-making

When my illustrations and my badges come together

I tend to make my badges in batches. Mostly, I multi buy the component parts and then glue them together. It’s quite a common sight in our house to find horizontal surfaces full of resin cabochons and metal backings waiting for the glue to set. Or cards stacked up ready to be placed with their envelopes in cello sleeves.

I don’t often plan which badge and card will go together until I lay them out. It’s one of my favourite parts of the process. Budgerigars wearing bow ties, giraffes with speech bubble HELLOs and hedgehogs wearing Santa hats, to name a few.


Once I’ve settled on the pairing of my badges and cards, I use a special hole punch to enable me to make very small holes in the card so that the badges can be attached with their backing pins and are easily removable for wearing.

The final part of the process is the packaging. I seal the card in a cello bag to keep it pristine for card racks at my stockists, markets and art fairs.  In additional, I pack the cards in small cardboard boxes for all online sales.